Meet our skillful instructors!

Gail Lachs, MLS(ASCP)

Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher – 200 hr,
YogaKids Apprentice Teacher – 32 hr
YogaKids Certified 200-hr teaching certification actively in process
Certified in Yoga for Senior Citizens and the Medically Disabled
Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification received through Lowell General Hospital
Reiki Master attunement received from Aura Vista Healing

Gail is a certified medical laboratory scientist, who worked many years in the fields of diagnostic microbiology, hematology and clinical chemistry. She followed this with over 12 years as a sales and technical support director in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, working with many of the leading teams in scientific research and pharmaceutical development. Gail’s passion for science and medicine also lead her to a position teaching Anatomy and Physiology in the laboratories at the University of Massachusetts. It was during this time teaching where she really began to meld her passion for yoga with her enthusiasm for teaching others how to better understand their own body and ways to improve their health and well-being through the practices of yoga, meditation and energy healing. As an instructor, Gail puts great emphasis on proper alignment and the importance of combining movement with breath to improve one’s overall strength, flexibility and immunity.
Gail has been teaching adult yoga to since 2007, and began working with the internationally recognized YogaKids team in 2011. With two children of her own, she has a deep love for sharing the art of yoga and meditation with children. She believes that in teaching children various techniques to calm and sooth themselves, you provide them with a great gift to deal with the stresses of daily life. She also is an advocate of teaching children through movement, with the understanding that when you combine yoga, dance, music and movement with lessons in anatomy, mathematics, language, ecology and more, that children engage and learn in magical new ways.
Gail founded Windsoul Studio in October of 2013 with her husband Steve, and their two children. Each of them work together in the studio to share their love for this space and the practice of yoga with you and your family.

StacyLynnReaderStacyLynn McGovern

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor – 200 hr
Reiki I & II Certified Practitioner
CPR Certified

Stacylynn McGovern decided that her lifelong mission is to heal the world through yoga, one person at a time. After a spiritual awakening during meditation, she realized it was her destiny to begin her journey as a yoga instructor. Dedicating herself to her practice, she began to feel the miraculous health benefits following a lengthy illness, for which Western medicine claimed there was no cure. Passionately determined to spread the word about how yoga changed her life, the rest, as they say, is history…A little bit hippie, and a little bit rock and roll, Stacylynn’s infectious energy allows the individual to go within, look deep, and find the answers that they are looking for. Always providing a safe, loving and warm atmosphere, she will guide you along your individual journey and promises to transport all who participate to the peaceful place that exists within them. Constantly inspired by beginners, Stacylynn loves to re-introduce students who may have been intimidated by a past yoga class/instructor to the “Real Deal” of the true yogic experience.

CorneliaPhotoCornelia Dinca

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor – 200 hr
CPR Certified

Cornelia discovered the joy of practicing yoga in the summer of 2004 while living in Michigan. Later, Cornelia found out how much she loved teaching yoga and this led her down a path towards her certifications. She has completed a number of Training Programs in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Restorative Yoga and many other workshops on different yoga styles. As a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, she is very thankful to have been able to study with wonderful teachers, such as Shiva Rea, Sean Corn, Natasha Rizopoulos, David Swenson, Dominic Corigliano and Rolf Gates, and aspires to become a reflection of their teachings. At present she teaches beginner classes in the style of Hatha and all levels Vinyasa Yoga emphasizing the unity of body, mind and spirit created through pranayama, asana and meditation.

ChuckPhoto_croppedChuck Raffoni

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher- 200 Hour
Licensed Broga® Yoga Instructor
Certifications in PreNatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Senior Citizen Yoga, Chakra Yoga & Restorative Yoga.
First Aid/CPR Certified by American Red Cross.
Certfied Reiki Practitioner attuned by Christopher Penczak (author of The Magick of Reiki)
Reiki Master attuned by Aura Vista Healing
doTerra University Certification for Essential Oil Consultation.

When Chuck was diagnosed with a compromised immune system in the early 90’s and traditional doctors were unable to help him, he pursued a holistic approach that included natural remedies, Thai Chi and Yoga. Through this combination, he was able to restore his immune system and overcome the challenges he faced.
After many years of sharing his passion for Yoga and holistic medicine on a casual level with family and friends, he decided to pursue it on a professional level in hopes of sharing his experience and helping others. Combining the spiritual elements of Reiki with the therapeutic clinical application of Essential Oils known as “Aroma-Touch” developed by Dr. David Hill , Chuck has created a unique “Relax and Recharge Healing Treatment” that can aid in stress relief, immune boosting, fighting inflammation and bringing an overall balance to the body by applying 8 essential oils to the back and feet before ending the session with Reiki.

Julie Gatheral

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor-500 hr
Certified Yin Yoga Instructor through Josh Summers

Julie Gatheral came to her first vinyasa yoga class looking for a change during a difficult time. With an open mind and sense of curiosity, what she soon discovered was a way to re-connect with her self through breath and movement, igniting the playfulness, creativity, and freedom she had as a child. She was also surprised by the unexpected challenge both mentally and physically, not to mention the benefits of increased strength, toned muscles, increased flexibility, lower blood pressure, and a calmer mind. This led her to seek out a 200 Hour Teacher Training program that she completed led by Jen Ryan of Yoga Loft, Wilmington, MA and Nicole Grant of Yoga Mandala, Winchester, MA.
Julie is now a life-long student of yoga, constantly taking workshops and classes and learning all she can. Julie loves to share her joy and understanding of yoga with others in a non-competitive environment by teaching creatively- sequenced vinyasa and power classes that can adapt to all levels by offering cues that aid one to safely enter and exit a pose. Seeking balance, Julie also enjoys teaching gentle yoga and yin yoga as a complement to the more active forms of the asana practice.

Renee Nichols

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor-500 hr

Renee Walsh discovered yoga in 1999 while living in Atlanta, working in the corporate world as a recruiter. It wasn’t long until she was addicted to the vinyasa flow at a charming studio where she could find stress relief and both mental and physical challenge. Renee soon spent her spare time working at the desk, trading out her time for free classes. Although she was interest in teacher training back then, it wasn’t until 2012 when Renee earned the RYT 200-hour certification through Jen Ryan at the Yoga Loft. In 2016, Renee then completed her 300-hour advanced teacher training program with her now mentor and teacher, Kristin Olson.

As an RYT 500-hour teacher, Renee focuses on alignment based vinyasa flow, asking her students to move mindfully and purposefully through their practice. Renee believes in a safe but challenging environment that allows her students to examine the how and why of their movements while on the mat.

When Renee isn’t teaching, she might be practicing, hoping, as always, to find flexibility and patience both on and off the mat. She might also be at the beach in Maine, with her 2 sons, husband and parents. With any luck, you’ll find her doing a handstand in the sand!

RaviRavi Shrivastava

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor-200 hr

Ravi started his yoga practice in 2006 as part of a larger “get healthy, loose weight” effort. Over the next couple of years, other forms of exercise fell away due to disinterest, but he continued with his yoga practice. Jump forward to early 2014, when Ravi realized that the yoga classes had stopped being challenging. All teachers, when asked what the next step was, suggested a teacher training. So, he enrolled for the RYT200 training with Jen Ryan at the Yoga Loft in Willmington MA. By the time he’d completed the course, he’d been bitten by the “gotta teach yoga” bug too.

Ravi enjoys the “sneaky” aspects of yoga, when things you did not realize you were working on pop up and surprise you. Like aching muscles the next day being the first realization of the core workout you got. Like vinyasa flow and breathing suddenly one day transforming into a moving meditation. Like “sthira sukha asanam” making sense in the frog pose.

Looking back, Ravi is pretty sure what drew him to yoga was the de-stressing it provides. Today, when stressed, he very consciously seeks out a yoga class to relax and recharge. When teaching he tries to impart a similar “lets de-stress” quality to his classes by keeping them fun and energetic.

jenny meshnaJenny Meshna

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor-200 hr

Like so many others, Jenny Meshna began practicing Yoga in 2005 as a way to become more flexible. After only a handful of classes she was amazed to find that Yoga not only made her more flexible, but it also built up her strength, calmed her mind easing every day anxieties and all around livened her soul. Overjoyed with all of the benefits Yoga brought to her own life she knew she wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible. This led her to her 200-hour Hatha Teacher Training taught by Robin Anderson in 2010. Now teaching Vinyasa Yoga in the Merrimack Valley area, Jenny completed her 300-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training taught by Jacqui Bonwell in the Spring of 2015. When Jenny is not teaching Yoga, she is a full time Caregiver making everyday life more accessible and enjoyable for the elderly. She encourages everyone, on and off the mat, to meet life exactly as they are and let go. Let go of expectation. Let go of anticipation. And breathe.


Checka Antifonario

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor – 200 hr

Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (Radiant Child Program)

Breathe, be present, and connect with deep strength and contentment within – these are the intentions that Checka Antifonario has held for her yoga students over the past eight years of leading classes, workshops and retreats. She is deeply committed to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive space for practice and community. With a lighthearted but attentive approach, Checka offers mindful and safe sequencing along with compassionate and skilled assists in her Vinyasa flow classes. She equally enjoys the quiet and healing element of more reflective, restorative yoga, and offers the loving-kindness of Reiki energy work to enrich these classes. Life would not feel complete without her work in children’s yoga – as a teacher and Lead Trainer for Radiant Child Yoga

diane1Diane Vandette

Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer

Diane is a natural intuitive and a light-worker, who has attained master teacher level in many diverse energy healing methods including Usui and Karuna Reiki, Seichim, Light Energy Work and Magnified Healing. Diane has been practicing these techniques for over 20 years, utilizing advanced methods of Pranic Healing, Crystal Therapy Lightwork, EFT, and other energy healing teachniques in a variety of healing environs. She was a primary classroom teacher for 30+ years with advanced studies in psychology and spirituality. As an artist/soul painter, she paints portraits that include visons and cues of past lives.

Diane is very commonly heard saying how grateful she is for the many wondrous and healing gifts she has been given and for the opportunity to share it within her community.